Family Tree Starter Package - Snow Family Example

With the Family Tree Starter Package you get 4-plus hours of project time focused on building a starter database and family tree pedigree chart. It includes a report on the research completed along with suggestions for carrying out future research to expand your family history. The package price is $120.

  • Initial consultation of 30 to 60 minutes.
  • 3 hours of research time
  • Additional time for preparing client reports
  • Follow-up review of findings
  • Documentation, reports, and starter database

Example Project

Here's an example project I did for the Snow family. In this example, the client gave me his full name, his date and place of birth, and his parents' names. (He also gave me permission to publish his project here.)

From that information, I researched his ancestors and provided a set of documents and a starter family tree database.

Snow Family Pedigree Chart which most people think of as the family tree.

A Research Report describes what was researched and what the client might want to research next to build upon the project.This example is from a lineage research project, but is similar to what is included in this package.

The Sources Researched Report gives a list of the sources that were consulted to gather the family members.

One other optional product of the project is a database that the client can install on their own computer so they can continue the research, if desired.

A follow-up project to this one might be to help him qualify for membership in the First Families of Tennessee or even the SAR.

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